Automatic door operators are not very often mounted on the door leaf. But it is one of the options available where headroom above the door is limited.

On the photos below, old, pneumatic operator has been replaced with new, electro-mechanical unit. This compact, yet powerful operator from Label UK can handle a door up to 120kg. Monitored safety sensors and finger guards have been fitted on both sides for additional safety and compliance.

The control board and PSU (Power Supply Unit) of the new operator have been relocated (not visible on the photos). Typically, you can find these components inside the operator case. But to make sure installation is safe and there is no risk to users no mains voltage present in the operator. This is a fail-safe option in case of cable loop failure or vandalism.

Removal of the old and installation of the new equipment takes around 6 to 10 hours, depending on complexity of the installation and number of auxiliary devices required. Your new automatic door can be integrated with some of the existing systems, such as door entry, access control, fire alarms.

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