The UK market is saturated with different makes and types of aluminium communal entrance doors. It can be a real challenge for the end users to specify correct products, that will last. Therefore, BASTEK Services uses years of experience and research to make sure your new door is fit for purpose.

The aluminium profile (or system) plays important part of the door construction, but other components should not be underestimated. Closers, pivots, type of glazing, locks are vital for longevity of the door.

As we supply, install, and integrate new door with existing access control, we take care of most matters for you. We survey sites and assess the environment and requirements. Replacing the door is very often an opportunity to get things right. Making the door wider, changing handing, colour, or opening direction can improve end user experience. It can also improve your building emergency or fire evacuation strategy as well as meet Building Regulations requirements.

So, if you are looking for one company to take care of your new communal entrance door replacement, please contact us.