Swing gate installation – job #295

We have supplied and installed set of steel gates. Pedestrian gate with mortised magnetic locks and built in closer. The design maximises resistance to vandalism or accidental damage.

The vehicle gate, has been designed and manufactured with the latest regulations in mind. Offset hinges design out hinge gap changes during the gate movement. 3-hinge design provides backup method in case of the hinge failure. Most common 2-hinge design of the swing gates, makes hinge a single point of failure.
The vehicle gate has been automated with Roger Technology equipment. This low voltage, brushless technology is quiet, reliable and very safe due to built in encoder.
Two sets of photocells on high-visible posts, mandatory warning signs, flashing light, free-exit vehicle detector and Bircher safety edges have been chosen to make sure installation is safe for use.

Finally access control. Paxton Entry, flush mounted panel for the communication. Couple of additional proximity readers have been added to make sure installation works as requested by the Client. Paxton equipment has been added to existing Net2 system.

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